OUR VISION:  Is to live up to our name! Over the course of the next several years we will bring high quality FAA/PMA approved products to the market at substantially lower prices than the competition.

My name is Ray DePouli, the founder of Affordable Aviation, my son Adam DePouli is President/CEO.  We are proudly producing safety related products that are needed and work! 

I have been flying for 55 years, it started when my father (Army Aviation) bought me an introductory flight when I was 14 years old.  I have owned the same PRISTINE 1973 Cessna 172M for 35 years.  Adam has been flying since 2005, he is the third-generation pilot in the family and we hope to pass on the joy and privilege of flight to his children.

Both Adam and I are accomplished pilots, I am CFII, MEI with thousands of hours, Adam is an instrument rated Commercial pilot.  I had the pleasure of helping Adam earn his PPL, Instrument rating and Commercial license.  The next notch on Adam’s belt will be CFI so he can teach his children to fly and keep the tradition in the family alive.

We wanted to give back to the aviation community and the way we elected to do this is to bring, as our name implies, Affordable Aviation products to the marketplace.  Our first PMA approval was for Cessna Headrest Assemblies, used Cessna headrest are nearly impossible to find in the open market. 

Currently, Affordable Aviation has several FAA/PMA approved products, more projects are in various stages of development.  Our target is 5 new FAA/PMA approved product per year.  Prices we be reasonable and AFFORDABLE.

We have always felt that a problem unsolved is often an opportunity for creative success. The opportunities in aerospace manufacturing are unlimited!  My role in the company is to coordinate all technical and administrative information, Adam’s role(s) are centered on engineering and prototype fabrication.

The Affordable Aviation business started by accident (almost literally), In September of 2020 I was at KHIO in Oregon for about 30 minutes, got back into the plane…, cleared for takeoff and before I turned crosswind I was stung twice by a couple of wasps!  A lesson learned the hard way!  This event made me realize how serious a problem bugs in the cockpit can be.  A few months later after we completed the research we started producing air inlet plugs for Cessna 100/200 series aircraft, advertised mainly on Facebook, the global response has been amazing, the ongoing customer comments have inspired us to keep going and expand the product line for Beechcraft and Mooney models. The plugs are patent pending.  Other aircraft model plugs will be developed over time.

Whether your plane is on the ramp or in the hangar Remove Before Flight Air Inlet Plugs are another step in the PAVE checklist that pilots can take to ensure a safe flight.