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After you fill in the Aircraft Year, Make & Model, TELL ME HOW MANY exhaust pipes you have.  (i.e.  1982 Cessna 172P, 1 - exhaust pipe or V35 Bonanza, 2-exhaust pipes)

O-200, O-300, depending on the Make & Model of the aircraft some O-470, O-520, O-540's have TWO exhaust pipes. - pricing for these engines is for ONE or a PAIR.  I will contact you with questions as needed.

Clients have asked me to make exhaust pipe plugs for them.  In certain parts of the America mainly in the Midwest, mud-daubers are a real problem.  Pilots have told me stories about finding nest in their exhaust pipes.  The speed at which these critters make a sizable nest only takes a few days. 

*If you have the Power Flow exhaust system installed.*

To send the correct diameter plugs it is always helpful if you send a picture with a tape measure that shows me the diameter of the exhaust pipe.

The upper limit melting point of the foam being used is 265 degrees Fahrenheit.