CESSNA/Beechcraft/ Mooney/Piper FUEL VENT PLUGS

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Affordable Aviation fuel vent plugs prevents insect entry while allowing the fuel tank to vent. Fuel vent plugs are vented to allow for expansion and contraction of the fuel in the tank. 

Pricing is per plug.

Vent plugs are available for Cessna Models

Cessna Cardinals (177) use a quantity of 2, 3/8” fuel vent plugs.

You will need the 3/8” (ie: 150/152/170/172/175/177) or the 1/2” (ie: 180/182/185). Please verify vent size as some model Cessna’s 100/200 series aircraft use a 3/8” plug. Not all of the high performance 100 series use the 1/2" plug.

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